Performance tools

This page provides links to the performance analysis tools developed at the Stochastic Modeling Laboratory of the department. At the moment the following tools are available:

  • MRMSolve x.0 (compressed executable for Windows machines.)

  • Moments based distribution estimation (compressed executables for Windows machines.)
    ~~~ Winmoments.exe calculate bounds of the CDF based on available moments.
    ~~~ Winmomentsthr.exe calculate bounds of the quantiles based on available moments.
    Related Ph.D. dissertations:
    Ph.D. dissertation of Sándor Rácz
    Ph.D. dissertation of Árpád Tari
    (the source code of the underlying estimation method is available in the DISTRIBESTIMATION library of MRMSOLVE )

  • PhFit (Fitting given distributions with Phase type.)
    ~~~ PhFit is alive. Be prepared for changes.
    ~~~ Start it with: PhFit/V1/classes/starter.bat

  • PHMFM: A tool for transient analysis of piecewise homogeneous Markov fluid models (Mathematica code)

  • CME-R: Concentrated matrix exponential distributions with real eigenvalues/The CMER numerical inverse Laplace transformation method (C++ code/Mathematica code)

  • Numerical inverse Z transformation methods: Implementation and numerical comparison (Mathematica code)

  • BuTools (Mathematica and Matlab/Octave functions for PH (ME) distributions, MAP (RAP) processes with a users manual)

    Latest news about numerical inverse Laplace transformation.

    Further related tools by G. Horvath.

    Further related publications.