Curriculum vitae

Miklós Telek graduated as an electrical engineer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Budapest in 1987. He received the candidate of science and the MTA doctor degree from the Hungarian Academy of Science in 1995 and 2004, respectively. He got habilitation degree in technical sciences at the Technical University of Budapest in 2003.

In 1987, he joined the Hungarian Post Research Institute, where he studied the modeling, analysis and planning aspects of communication networks. Since 1990 he has been with the Department of Telecommunications, Technical University of Budapest, where he is a professor now. He took part in the development of various communication network and computer system planing and/or analysis tools. He spent research visits at universities (Torino, Catania, Erlangen, Berlin, Dortmund, Duke, UNC, Trento) and research institutes (Avaya research, INRIA Rennes, Istituto Gallileo Ferraris). Since 1997, he is the head of the stochastic modeling laboratory of the department, which participates in international research projects (e.g. FP7) and co-operates with Nokia Research Center Budapest on traffic modeling of mobile telecommunication networks. Since 2012, he is the leader of the MTA-BME Information Systems Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

His current research interests include various aspects of stochastic performance modeling and analysis of computer and communication systems.