Publications list of the HUN-REN-BME Information Systems Research Group


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Members of the research group developed a new numerical inverse Laplace transformation method that outperforms similar known methods in several aspects. The new method is useful in any field where Laplace transformation is used, e.g. performance analysis. Several papers were published related to the new method, including the paper Numerical inverse Laplace transformation using concentrated matrix exponential distributions, which is the most cited paper since 2020 in the journal Performance Evaluation (as of February 2023). There is also a dedicated homepage for the new method:


The paper Navigable Networks as Nash Equilibria of Navigation Games, published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications was co-authored by András Gulyás, Attila Kőrösi and Gábor Rétvári, members of the research group, as well as József Bíró, a supporting professor. The paper gained considerable international recognition. International Business Times Science Daily EurekAlert!


The scientific book Introduction to Queueing Systems with Telecommunications Applications was published in 2013 by Springer and was co-authored by Miklós Telek, leader of the research group.


The book Advanced Quantum Communications: An Engineering Approach was published in 2013 by Wiley and authored by László Gyöngyösi, a member of the research group, as well as Sándor Imre, a supporting professor.